Unique Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

Unique Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, we know that you’ll want to find some creative ways to make your mother feel extra-special on her day. With that in mind, Table-Mate® has compiled some of the best tips to help you as you make your plans.

Whether you plan to watch your favorite movie together, share a meal on the back patio, or work on a puzzle together, be sure to shop our online store to find the portable table trays that provide the extra space you need for all of your activities.


  1. Take her out to lunch at her favorite restaurant. If the weather is enjoyable on Mother’s Day, a table on the patio will be perfect.
  2. Drive to a nearby park to enjoy an outdoor picnic or a leisurely stroll.
  3. Visit a botanical garden to enjoy beautiful flowers and lush foliage. Additionally, the light humidity that is generally present in the tropical plant section will likely feel refreshing for your mother.


  1. If you are comfortable cooking, then surprise your mom by preparing her favorite meal! For those who are a little intimidated by cooking, just call her favorite restaurant and order takeout.
  2. Many people enjoy solving puzzles together. Make sure to set up your portable table trays from Table-Mate® so that you have plenty of space to lay out all of the pieces as you work together.
  3. Movies are a great way to spend time together and your mom probably has a favorite! Set up your portable table trays, prepare popcorn and some other delicious movie-watching snacks and you’re all set for an afternoon at the “movies!”


  1. One of the best things you could send to your mom is a thoughtful greeting card with your added sentiments and a gift card that she can use anywhere she wishes.
  2. Rather than purchase cut flowers to be delivered to her home, which will fade in a few days, ship a potted plant. She can either keep it in her home or plant in her garden. 
  1. While most people enjoy candy, it might be more thoughtful and practical to give your mom a subscription to a healthy food delivery service.

At Table-Mate®, we know that your mother is one of the most important people in your life. We hope that the tips we’ve provided today give you some great ideas for how to make her feel special this Mother’s Day. 

Make sure to shop our online store to stock up on the best portable table trays so that you can be prepared for all of the fun activities you need extra space for. Have all of the portable table trays you need? Shop for the best person you know — Mom!

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