The Ultimate Guide To Working From Home

The Ultimate Guide To Working From Home

So, we’re still working from home. But working from home is pretty great..right? Working in PJs definitely has its perks, but the excitement tends to wear off when your shoulders are aching from not having a proper posture, and your makeshift desk is a cluttered mess. What about when your eyes start to hurt from staring at the screen, and your neighbor, who you can only assume is building a spaceship, fires up the power tools first thing in the morning?


While many modern professionals realize working from home is becoming the new ‘norm’ for who knows how much longer, setting up a comfortable work-from-home space is much needed.


Working From Home Checklist - Everything You Need To Get Things Done


Desk Organizer:

Do yourself a favor and pick up a desk organization kit with a document holder, pen jar, and a place to put loose papers. All-in-one kits come with everything you’ll, and they’re budget-friendly.


Blue Light Glasses:

If your eyes tend to get tired or if you feel a headache coming on after using a computer for an extended period, the culprit could be blue light exposure. Blue-light blocking glasses look just like any other pair of specs but have filters that block or absorb blue light.


Table Mate XL:

The Table Mate XL is a true WFH desk. There’s enough tray space for your monitor, wireless keyboard, mouse, and your morning (or afternoon) coffee to get you through the next team Zoom meeting. The XL table can be quickly folded up and tucked away, or you can keep it set up as your permanent work-from-home desk.


Check Your Posture:

If by 5 o’clock your lower back is burning and your shoulders are talking to you, it could be because you don’t have an ergonomically correct workspace. A comfortable workspace will make you feel your best. Proper office ergonomics include appropriate chair height, desk height, and good desk posture.


It would be best if you weren’t looking down at your computer. The Table Mate XL comes with six different height adjustments and can be tilted three angles, so no matter how tall or short you are, you can adjust it to your needs.


Noise Canceling Headphones:

Keep loud noises at bay with a pair of noise-blocking headphones so you can focus on your tasks at hand. Whether the garbage truck is passing by, the dog won’t stop barking at the squirrels in the backyard, or the city decided today is the perfect day to cut down trees in your neighborhood - whatever loud, distracting noises come your way, be sure to block them out.


Get the internet speed you need:

If you have kiddos, their FaceTiming, remote Zoom classes, and Xbox habits could slow down your connection and download speeds. Instead of having to work basically on top of your Wi-Fi router, opt for a proven high-speed internet provider. The last thing you need is for your Wi-Fi to cut out on your morning meeting with the boss.

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