Table-Mate® 4 Kids

Table-Mate® 4 Kids

One of the biggest challenges that most parents of young kids face is trying to find tables, counters, and other surfaces that feature kid-friendly accessibility. While stools and highchairs are great tools to have in your home, there’s something extra helpful about having a table and chair designed specifically for your child.

At Table-Mate®, we restyled our classic portable table tray to be perfect for young kids. Not only is it height adjustable, but the table surface tilts as well to accommodate a number of different activities. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the different ways that you can use the Table-Mate® 4 Kids both at home and on the go. Be sure to browse our online store to find the portable table trays you need for your kids and yourself.

1. Craft Time

There are so many fun crafts for your child to spend time with. From making beaded necklaces, cutting and glueing with construction paper, and fingerpainting, there are a wide variety of craft projects that are perfect for their little hands. You can relax while they play, since the table can slide right up to their chair and adjust to the perfect height and angle for their needs.

2. Fun With Playdough

Whether you purchase playdough at the store or make it at home, your little one is sure to have fun squeezing, molding, and rolling it into different shapes. One of the most common things for little kids to make is, of course, a snake. All that’s required to make a snake is for them to roll the piece of playdough back and forth until it is long and skinny like a snake! They are sure to be proud of themselves for accomplishing this artwork.

3. Reading

As your little one begins to discover the joy of reading to themselves, it’s important to nurture this new-found love by providing a space where they can read to their heart’s content. The kids’ TV table from Table-Mate® creates the ideal space with a raised lip that can hold their book for them while they read. The table can also be adjusted to three different heights and two different angles to make reading a very enjoyable and comfortable activity.

4. Meal Time and Snacks

While family mealtimes are great, sometimes it’s a nice change to sit and watch a movie together while you eat. With the Table-Mate® 4 Kids, your child can enjoy a meal in the living room at a table and chair built just for them! You can relax knowing that they have a wide space for their meal on a sturdy surface that is easy to clean.

5. Staying at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s House

If your kids have the opportunity to stay with their grandparents for the weekend, then you’ll be happy to know that they can easily take their portable table tray with them! Each Table-Mate® 4 Kids comes with its own carrying case, which means that you can easily pack it up and transport it anywhere.

At Table-Mate®, we are proud to manufacture the best portable table trays available. Whether you are looking for a TV tray table for your little one or yourself, you are sure to find what you need in our online store. Shop Table-Mate® today!

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