How to Prepare Your Child for a New School Year

How to Prepare Your Child for a New School Year

The start of a new school year can be intimidating for most children, especially if they are starting at a new school. Whether they are worried about making friends, being smart enough to do well in class, or finding a teacher who likes them, there are a number of reasons why the start of the school year can cause stress. Continue reading to learn our tips for helping to reduce your child’s stress so that they can enjoy a great school year.

At Table-Mate®, we believe that a carefully crafted study space is one way to provide a boost to your child’s focus and love of learning. Be sure to check out the different options available in our table trays, and order yours today.

Lunchbox Letters

Sometimes lunch can be the most challenging part of the day, as children try to decide where to sit, who to sit with, and so on. A short note from mom or dad can be the perfect way to remind them that you love them and bring a smile to their face. Your note doesn’t have to be long, just something that expresses your love for your child. Feeling extra crafty? Use a scented marker or some stickers!

Schedule Playdates

Scheduling a playdate with someone that your child has recently made friends with at school will allow you to get to know their friends, and their friend’s parents, better. In fact, you may discover that you’ve also made a new friend as a result! 

Emphasize Positive Attitudes

It’s easy to forget how much power your attitude can have over your feelings and perceptions. If your child is struggling to understand math, learn cursive, or find good friends, remind them to focus on giving their best effort in every situation. Their attitude may not change the situation, but it could help them to look for the positive aspects, which could, in turn, help them to feel better. Don’t forget — you need to model a positive attitude as well, since your child is always observing your behavior and actions.

Establish a Routine

Routines can have a way of making people feel calm and secure. Knowing what should happen next is reassuring, which is a big part of why change can be so difficult. With summer over, it’s important to establish the routines that will help make the school year flow smoothly.

Create a Study Corner

Depending on the age of your child, you might hang pictures of numbers and shapes, encouraging posters, or a calendar. Use a table that is dedicated to the sole purpose of being their study station, and be sure to place it where you can keep an eye on their progress. The Table-Mate 4 Kids® is an ideal solution, as the portable table tray can be adjusted to a number of different heights and angles. If you’re tight on space in your home, then simply fold it up and slide it away until your child is ready to use it the next day.

At Table-Mate®, we know that the start of a new school year can be stressful for both parents and kids. We hope that our post has provided some helpful ideas and encouragement for you as you strive to be a great parent. Be sure to shop online to browse all of the portable table trays we offer, and select the ones you need. Contact us for more information!
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