Holiday Season Bucket-List Activities

Holiday Season Bucket-List Activities

The holiday season is always jam-packed with to-do lists and shopping trips. With all the hustle and bustle of the winter season, sometimes it's hard to find downtime to spend with your family. In between holiday preparations, take a time-out to spend quality time with your loved ones. Check out the activities below to help fill your holiday season with fun, laughter, and love.

To amp up this year's holiday festivities, use the Table-Mate Ultra to help save space, organize your activities, and make clean up a breeze. Table-Mate tables come in many different shapes and sizes to suit your unique needs. Use it for extra dining space, arts & crafts, work, or use it with your laptop to do all of your online holiday shopping from home. The Table-Mate Ultra curves slightly around the body to ensure the most comfortable fit.



Gather the family in the living room with your favorite holiday treats. Put on your most festive pair of holiday pajamas and let movie night begin. Use the Table-Mate Ultra to hold a big bowl freshly popped popcorn, pretzels, candy, or your favorite movie snacks. Have more than one favorite holiday movie? Make it a double-feature!

Tip: If you have leftover popcorn, use it to make a holiday garland for an inexpensive decoration. Try threading the popcorn on a string with dried cranberries for an additional pop of color.



 Make some of your best holiday memories on the ice! Check out your area's local skating rink for an afternoon of skating, or sneak out with your spouse for a romantic holiday date! Fun for the whole family and no skating skills required. Once you're off the ice, take the family inside to warm up with a piping hot cup of hot cocoa. Make unforgettable memories at the rink, and don't forget to get in some great family photos!



 Children and adults enjoy making and snacking on gingerbread houses. If you're feeling extra adventurous this season, you can make every piece of the gingerbread house from scratch. If spending hours in the kitchen isn't your idea of a fun holiday activity, pick up a pre-made gingerbread house kit from the grocery store or a craft store. From candy cane doors to gumdrop windows, let your imagination flow. Build the gingerbread house on the Table-Mate Ultra to easily assemble the pieces and decorate. The joy is this activity is coming together as a family to work on a project. It doesn't matter if you make everything from scratch or get a little help from the store as long as you're making memories!



 It's a tradition that's as old as Saint Nick himself. Caroling is one of the best ways to spread holiday cheer, especially when Old Man Winter starts to make an appearance. Bring the family to your local nursing home, hospital, or women's shelter to give the residents a special holiday treat. Kids will feel extra special if you let them choose which songs they want to sing. Bring joy to the hearts of others and stay away from the cold temperatures outside.



 Whether you like salty or sweet, creating a custom holiday snack mix to munch on throughout the holiday season will be fun for everyone. For a holiday-themed trail mix, try adding some peppermint chocolate to your mixture of nuts and seeds, or add in some red and green m&ms. If you're looking to satisfy your savory cravings, try making a spicy sriracha mix to always have on hand. 

 Tip: Pack it in small ziplock bags for a quick on the go snack when you're off to the next fun holiday outing or give it away as little gifts to friends and family.



 Print a list of fun scavenger hunt holiday items like a snowflake, candy canes, wreaths, Christmas lights, Santa, and so many more. Cross of the treasures as you spot them on the list. This can be done in the house, or if your family is more competitive, take the hunt outside. Search around your city for the hidden items on the list. This activity is entirely customizable to fit your family's needs. What do you think the winner should receive for a prize?



 All-natural home-made playdough can be crafted from just a few simple ingredients like flour, cream of tartar, salt, water, and food coloring. To make this the ultimate holiday activity, use different food coloring like red and green or blue and white. Let your little one's imaginations soar. Young kids can create their holiday masterpieces on the Table-Mate table from anywhere in your house. Kids won't take up your entire kitchen table anymore. Plus, the dough will remain in a contained area, which means less clean up for parents. Set up your child's perfect play area with the Table-Mate 4 Kids.



 When many of us think of holiday activities, our minds go right to baking classic sugar cookies, crispy rice treats, and home-made ooey-gooey brownies. Try making your cookies holiday-themed with cookie cutters, icing, and decorations. For a new spin on an old classic, try adding some peppermint extract to your favorite brownie recipe. Nothing feels more the holiday season than walking into a home with a fresh batch of cookies in the oven! This is an excellent activity for the kiddos to help with too. Let them help mix the batter and decorate the final product to share with the rest of the family.


'Tis the season! Shop our collection  to find the right portable tray table to enhance your holiday season. Plus, you can use it year-round for your convenience and comfort. Each table is lightweight and easily folds up for quick storage. Traveling this holiday season? You can easily pack your Table-Mate in the car.



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