Everything You Need to Work From Home, The Right Way

Everything You Need to Work From Home, The Right Way

 Workers and students throughout the country are finding themselves working from home. As the novel Coronavirus continues to spread around the country, companies are asking employees to work remotely to help control the virus from spreading. Schools and universities have shut down, and many college students are now continuing their studies online. At first, being forced to work remotely may sound like a dream, but as reality sinks in and it becomes more evident we're in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, things can quickly turn from sweet to sour. With this new era of mandatory remote work, there's definitely a learning curve. It's not all bad, though; there are plenty of tools, resources, and materials at your fingertips to ensure you have everything you need to work from home until the COVID-19 virus blows over (don't worry, it will).


Pop-up furniture is a must-have:

Instant furniture, like our Table-Mate II, can quickly turn any living space into your home office or study station. One of the keys to successfully working from home is to set up a designated workspace. Try to find a more quiet spot in your home like a spare bedroom, or living room and prop up your Table-Mate for quick, convenient desk space. Do you have a small living space? All of our tables can be folded up and placed in a corner, under a bed, or in a closet. If living quarters are tight, only use the table during working hours.


Keep things sanitary:

To help control contagion, always be sure to keep your work areas clean. Each Table-Mate portable table can be quickly wiped clean with a disinfectant spray or wipe. With the current outbreak of Coronavirus, taking these extra measures to ensure your workspace is sanitized can only help. We highly recommend sanitizing your laptops, phones, and keeping a bottle of antibacterial on your Table-Mate.


How to study from home:

With universities around the nation coming to a swift halt, many college-aged students are finding themselves forced to continue earning their degrees online. This can pose a major space issue in small dorm rooms or kids moving back to their childhood rooms at their parent's house. Foldable, portable furniture will not only help save precious living space, but it can also become a designated study station. The Table-Mate Ultra is specially designed to fit all of your electronic devices comfortably, so writing a paper from your laptop, or listening in on a video lecture will be a breeze. There's a special slot to hold your smartphones or tablets safely, and of course, a cup holder for all the college essentials, energy drinks, coffees, and water.


Set up designated working/studying hours:

Try to keep in mind that just because you're working from home, that won't change your day-to-day tasks; it merely means you'll be completing them in a different environment than what you're typically used to. Sticking to a schedule in these unsettling times is crucial to maintain healthy work and study habits. For folks who aren't used to working from home, it can be challenging to avoid turning on the TV, heading to the fridge every five minutes, or browsing what Amazon's Deal of the Day is, instead of actually working. If you're used to working from 9 to 5, stick to it. Of course, take occasional breaks for bathroom trips, snacks, more coffee, and lunch but always come back to your designated work station you set up in your home. Students who are now involuntary enrolled in online classes, the same goes for you. Designate a chunk of your day to your studies and always stick to the schedule.  


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