Create Your Own At-Home Spa Oasis

Create Your Own At-Home Spa Oasis

If there were ever a time for a spa day - it’s virtually any single day of 2020. Whether you’re flooded with work tasks, have loads of things to do around the house, or your kid’s remote Zoom class keeps cutting out, we all get busy in our way. And when it gets to be too much, a day at the spa is usually just what the doctor ordered. Since going to a local spa isn’t an option right now, you can treat yourself to a spa day right in the comfort of your own home.


So, what are you waiting for? Relax, recharge, and unwind with these at-home spa essentials. You totally deserve it.


Set The Mood:

Creating a peaceful, soothing environment is step one to the perfect at-home spa experience. A 5-star-worthy spa ambiance can be achieved at home with a little help. Try lighting a few of your favorite candles, or put a couple of drops of essential oils in your diffuser.


Tip: Lavender and peppermint are known to be relaxing scents!


Keep It Quiet:

There’s nothing like a spa day mood killer than hearing outside noises like a TV, the neighbors, or blaring music. If having your home quiet is impossible, a white noise machine usually does the trick. If you don’t want to invest in another gadget, use your phone. There are plenty of relaxing music mixes, and white noise sounds available for free on platforms like YouTube or Spotify.


DIY Mani & Pedi Station:

One of the highlights of most spa days is leaving with freshly painted fingers and toes. If every time you try to paint your own nails and they come out looking like a kindergartener’s art project, try using the Table-Mate II to make a DIY nail station. Prop up the Table-Mate II anywhere in your home and place all of your polishes and nail tools. There’s also a cup holder where you can keep a cup of herbal tea, hot cocoa, or wine (it’s 2020, after all).


While you're painting your nails, give your feet a little TLC too. A foot spa fits comfortably underneath the table so you can give yourself an at-home pedicure while you wait for your nails to dry.


Comfy Slippers & New Robe:

Nothing says a spa day like a soft new robe to wrap yourself in and a pair of fuzzy, cozy slippers to give your feet a much-needed break. Put on your favorite face mask and go ahead, treat yourself.



For some, meditating is the ultimate relaxation tool. Once you’ve finished all of your relaxing beauty treatments, try calming your mind with a few minutes of meditation before you open your bedroom doors only to be greeted by the kids asking, “what’s for dinner?” There are plenty of (free) online meditation classes. All you need is your smartphone or a laptop. Try following a guided meditation session if you’re new to it and start feeling serenity and mindfulness.

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