Camping Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Camping Tips and Tricks You Should Know

It’s finally summer. For many of us, that means packing up the SUV and heading out into the woods for a camping trip. Camping in the great outdoors is such a great escape from our busy lives. But if you’re not prepared, Mother Nature may make your trip anything but relaxing and fun. You need to know what you’re doing and have the right gear. Don’t let your camping dream turn into a nightmare.

Disconnect your phones, become one with nature, and camp like a champ with these pro tips!


Safety is no joke:

Staying safe, especially if you’re camping in a rural area, is crucial. Be sure to bring a well-stocked first-aid kit, sunscreen, pain killers, creams for bug bites & blisters, plus any other personal medications.


Bring games:

While you’ll probably spend a good chunk of your day hiking, swimming, or adventuring, people often forget there’s still downtime while camping. After all, we go camping to relax, right? One of the best ways to spend your downtime is playing classic board or card games. Have some good old fashioned fun.

Tip: Use the Table Mate as your game station, so you don’t have to play on the ground.


Pack efficiently:

We’ve created a shortlist of camping essentials that you should always pack.


  • Tent, tarp, and sleeping bag
  • Plenty of bottled water
  • Snacks + easily prepared foods (pasta, rice, beef jerky, peanut butter, bread, chicken, trail mix, chips, canned veggies, nuts)
  • Pot, pan, dishes, utensils, and fire-starting materials
  • Table Mate (for meals, extra storage, additional table space)
  • Utility knife & flashlight
  • A cooler to store your food items in
  • Hand sanitizer + soap
  • Fishing poles and hiking equipment (if you’re into that sort of thing)


Practice pitching a tent at home:

It looks easy, and the box says it takes less than 10 minutes - why bother practicing? Well, we’re not all camping pros, and setting up a tent for the first trying to beat the sunset in the woods may not be the ideal time to test out your camping skills. Do a dry-run in your living room or backyard before your camping trip to get the hang of it.


Bring extra padding:

Sleeping in a tent doesn’t have to be uncomfortable! You can still get a good night’s rest with a little extra cushion. A sleeping pad, inflatable mattress, and a few extra pillows go a long way. You’ll have way more fun on your camping trip if you’re well-rested.


Dress for success:

While a pair of cotton pants may be your go-to at home, it’s not your friend in the woods. To help beat the summer heat, opt for moisture-wicking clothes to help keep you dry and sweat-free. It’s not just the heat you have to worry about though, always be prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store. Be sure to pack for rain and shine!


Pack good coffee:

In case you don’t get enough sleep as you hoped, you won’t want to rely on traditional ‘cowboy coffee’ while trying to wake up. Bring along a French press to start your day with a strong, hot cup o’ Joe. Use the portable Table Mate to create a coffee station on the campground. We guarantee it’ll be a hit! 


If you can, go during the week:

 If you’re planning to stay at a campsite, they’re usually jam-packed with people on summer weekends. For a more quiet camping trip, try to work in a mid-week stay.


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