Back to School Essentials For Fall 2020

Back to School Essentials For Fall 2020

As summer winds down and back to school time is just around the corner, you know what that means, shopping. But this year may look different from last. With most of the nation still unsure if schools will reopen by September, parents may have to get a little more creative when it comes to homeschooling.


Your child’s teacher may supply you with a list of supplies needed, but there are some basic must-have essentials that ALL students will need for back to school, regardless of COVID-19, plus a few that will make homeschooling so much easier.


New school clothes:

One of the best things about going back to school is getting a new pair of sneakers, and a couple of great outfits. Even if you’re going to be homeschooling for the unforeseeable future, giving kids slices of normalcy will help them cope better when schools reopen.


Tip: This year, buy back to school clothes online to keep up with the social distancing restrictions!


Nutritious snacks:

Healthy snack options are a must-have for home and school. To make it through the day, give kids high-protein snacks like cheese sticks, nuts, turkey roll-ups, and Greek yogurt. They help keep bellies full and maximize cognitive function.


Face coverings:

The CDC is still recommending people cloth face coverings to cover their nose and mouth in public. We’re still not sure what this will mean during back to school season, but your child may be required to wear a face covering at school, depending on where you live. To make the transition a bit easier for younger kids, we recommend picking out a “fun” mask with their favorite characters and having them wear it for 30 minutes a day. This way, if they are required to wear one at school, they’ll be slightly more familiar with it.


Hand sanitizer:

Hand sanitizer was always a good idea before COVID-19, but in 2020, it’s a necessity. Be sure you have a stockpile of pocket-sized hand sanitizers kids can keep in their backpacks. Try looking for a brand that contains at least 60% alcohol for the best germ-fighting power.


Water bottle:

Whether they’re running on the playground at recess or running in your backyard during a homeschool break, kids have to stay hydrated. Pick up a cute stainless steel water bottle for younger kids. These bottles are pretty indestructible; they can drop, throw, and bang it without it breaking.


Tip: If you have a careful older kid, glass bottles with silicone sleeves are super trendy right now!


Table Mate:

Use the Table Mate XL or the Table Mate Ultra to set up a homeschool or homework station anywhere. These bigger tables can fit your kid’s books, notebooks, and coloring essentials for the little ones and laptops and tablets, for the older ones. No more cluttering up the kitchen or dining room table with school supplies. When school is in session, or it’s time for homework, unfold the Table Mate and prop in a quiet area of the house so kids can learn uninterrupted.


Upgraded webcam:

If your child is going to be attending classes over Zoom, be sure they have the right equipment. Some standard built-in webcams are fuzzy or slow and can make virtual learning more difficult. An external webcam can be placed on top of any laptop or computer, and the picture quality is usually much better. 


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