6 Fun Spring Activities You Can Do Indoors

6 Fun Spring Activities You Can Do Indoors

Spring has almost sprung! Soon the weather will begin to warm up, the flowers will bloom, and before we know it, spring will be in full swing. Are you looking for ideas to get you into the spring spirit while you stay safe at home? While spring cleaning may be necessary to keep busy, we’ve compiled a list of fun spring-themed activities you can use with the Table-Mate.


  1. Easter Egg Dying

 Nothing says spring like busting out the pastel paints and painting cheerful Easter eggs. Kids and adults love this tradition, and this year you can help make memories with your family by using the Table-Mate as your egg-dying station! Gather your stencils, brushes, paints, sponges, and let the creative juices flow. Color, dip, dye, and paint your eggs in the kitchen, or take your Table-Mate outside if it’s a beautiful day. The table is ultra-light and can be quickly moved from one room to the next without hassle.


  1. Create An Indoor Garden

 If you have a spot in your kitchen with direct sunlight, it’s time to put your green thumb to good use. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a farmer to grow delicious, aromatic herbs like basil, mint, parsley, sage, and thyme. Use your Table-Mate as the growing station. Leave it propped up next to the sunniest spot in your kitchen and start to enjoy fresh herbs all spring ling. Just think of all the delicious meals you can make, including one of the best Easter dinners for your entire family!


  1. Make A DIY Birds Nest

 This activity is best for younger kiddos. All you’ll need is wool, yarn, and glue to create a sweet nest that any bluejay or robin would love to call home. To make the nest, bundle up some of the wool and help your little one glue it together. For even more fun, pick up some chocolate Easter eggs that always come out this time of year and place them in the nest.


  1. Build A Birdhouse

 Want to add more life to your backyard? Pick up a DIY birdhouse building kit you can do at home. Once the build is complete, you can use weather-proof paint to ensure your birdhouse will remain looking its best. One of the best things about spring is seeing the beautiful birds flying and hearing their songs in the mornings. Give the birds in your neighborhood a forever home with their own birdhouse. Bonus points if you add a bird feeder as well!


    5. Bake Spring-Themed Cookies

 Whip up a batch of basic sugar cookie dough and use the Table-Mate as your decorating station. Your options are endless. Use bright, pastel frosting, icing, or fondant to create the perfect spring-themed cookies. This activity is fitting for everyone of all ages. Young kids can decorate using small candy, piping bags, and of course, plenty of brightly colored sprinkles. If you’re good in the kitchen, try challenging yourself to make over-the-top, spring-themed cookies, like a beautiful butterfly out of icing, or dainty flowers.



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