2020 Holiday Prep 101

2020 Holiday Prep 101

Where has the time gone? The holidays are already closing in on us. The biggest (and most important) meals of the year are right around the corner. This year, the holiday season will undoubtedly look a little different.

 For many, this year won’t include a massive Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas feast with the whole family. But that doesn’t mean the holiday season is ruined - it just means we’ll have to be creative!

 Planning before the big day(s) arrives is the best way to forgo the holiday stress. Use the tips below to finish off 2020 on a positive note!


Tip #1: Go Food Shopping Online

 Do ALL of your holiday grocery shopping online this year, including the Thanksgiving turkey. This way, you can be sure not to risk your health going into a busy supermarket. It’s best to shop early this year - a lot of others will also be purchasing holiday food online!


Tip #2: Host a Virtual Thanksgiving Dinner

 If a family member can’t make it to Thanksgiving this year, use the Table-Mate to prop up your laptop or tablet to include others for your Thanksgiving meal. Just be sure to tell them what time you’re serving dinner so they can prep their own Thanksgiving plate with all the fixings!

 Tip: You can also use the Table-Mate to hold your video cameras to record Christmas morning for family members who can’t make it.


Tip #3: Invite Fewer People

 Small gatherings are the way to go this year. Of course, you want your living room filled with your closest friends and family during the holiday season. Unfortunately, that’s not an option for most of us this year. Most states have a limit on how many people can gather in a closed area. Be sure to check with your local health officials before sending out holiday meal invites this year.


Tip #4: Eat Outside

 Ok, so this only applies to you if you live in a warm state. In some areas, the temps at the end of November can still be in the 70s. So, if you live in Cali, Florida, or another warm state, why not host the meal outside? You can use the Table-Mate V as a pop-up cocktail bar or buffet station, so you don’t have to drag heavy tables from inside the house.


Tip #5: Follow The CDC Guidelines

 The CDC recently published recommendations for safely celebrating the holiday season this year. They have tips on how you can modify this year’s plans to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Some of their suggestions include limiting public transportation, frequent hand washing, and narrowing the duration of the gathering.


Tip #6: How to Eat Safely

 While cooking, it’s best to wear a mask and gloves while preparing your Thanksgiving or holiday dinner. Another great tip is single-use options for sharable items like condiments, salad dressings, plates, and utensils. The CDC also recommends avoiding potluck-style gatherings.


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